Cafes of East London

The Pavilion Cafe

Victoria Park
Crown Gate W

Stunning views, delicious food and great coffee. I’m not sure what else you could want from a cafe. The Pavilion has it all. Nothing beats sitting outside on a sunny day and watching people row small boats on the lake. My favourite dishes are the banana pancakes and the smashed avocado on toast with a side of mushrooms. The Pavilion is the perfect destination for brunch or a cheeky afternoon sweet.

Zealand Road Coffee Shop

391 Roman Road
Tower Hamlets


The perfect little cafe to visit on a rainy London day. A good selection of sandwiches and breakfast items. The cafe also has the most amazing looking sweets – the carrot cake is my favourite. More than once, I’ve seen the same old man sitting outside the cafe wearing a beret (rain, hail or shine). And I once heard him tell a passerby that this cafe has the best coffee in London…

Foxcroft & Ginger 

69-79 Mile End Road

Foxcroft & Ginger has a great vibe and atmosphere. They have a breakfast menu with everything from porridge, to granola, to eggs. While there are also lots of yummy options for lunch and great range of healthy salads. Plus they have the famous ‘cruffin’ – a cross between a croissant and a muffin. You’ll want to come back again and again to try everything. I’m still trying to make my way through the menu.